How Reflexology Helps Stress

What is stress?

Stress is the bodies internal response to external situations. It is important for the body to react like this sometimes, e.g. in "fight and flight",a response for survival, but if it is occuring constantly, it can be detrimental to good health.

Each individual deals with stress in different ways,some can cope with more,some with less. Depending on ones situation or circumstances of life whether it becomes derimental to good health.

An example of a stressful situation, could be a demanding job, with targets to reach without a permanent contract and a difficult boss. This may result in, muscle tension, headaches,indigestion,irritability,insomnia and tiredness.

Most individuals will find a reflexology treatment will generally relieve stress and tension. As we can see many symptoms may arise from stress and reflexology will relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, regulate breathing, increase circulation to the digestive system, reduce acid production in the stomach and create a relaxed state in the body.