Relax, stimulate, balance and heal

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the discovery that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond with organs,systems and structures of the body.By stimulating these points with massage the body rebalances itself and promotes its own natural healing properties.

Balance creates harmony

There must be a good balance of  body,mind and soul.

A good balance of outer and inner experience,of solitude and companionship,of work and play, of exertion and relaxation.By this balance and synergistic harmony we truly flourish and reach our potential. Reflexology creates balance,improving over a period of sessions.

How reflexology works

Physical responses

  • Reflexology induces a state of deep relaxation and since it has been estimated that 75% of disease is stress related,this is a major contribution to the return of health
  • As treatments continue over time this state of relaxation becomes deeper and more established.
  • Reflexology stimulates a freer flow of blood and lymph supply to cells and tissues,nourishing the cells and eliminating waste from the body
  • This improved circulation causes a beneficial rise in temperature which can last for hours,thus the entire body benefits
  • Reflexology stimulates nerve supply and the flow of nerve energy in the body enhancing energy and vitality


Psychological responses

  • Reflexology enhances the persons sense of wellbeing, creating a sense of unconditional caring
  • Touch is the primary medium of the communication of love and esteem.Feeling cared for, a person responds with an enhanced sense of security and self esteem
  • This allows them to develop healthily and engage in loving relationships
  • Psychological health is improved through a sense of deep relaxation and enhanced energy brought on by reflexology