Case Studies

I work with many clients over long periods of time to try and combat, or control a specifc issue, as well as just for relaxation. Below is just a selection of some of my work with them and how coplementary therpay has helped them.

Please note that all my work with clients is strictly confidential, at all times.

If you have a specific ailement which you think could be helped by comlementay therpay, please give me a call for some no obligation advice.

Female - age 63 yrs

  • Busy life, busy mind - suffering from insomnia, shoulder and neck stiffness
  • Reflexology improves sleeping and cleares shoulder and neck stiffness
  • This lady returns regularly for treatment.


Male - age 34 yrs

  • Demanding job which involves alot of flying - as he is very tall he suffers with back problems
  • He also suffers with jet lag which causes insomnia and thus tiredness
  • Reflexology improves his sleeping pattern and improves his back symptoms
  • He regulary has Reflexology treatments, particularly after a long haul trip 

Female - age 52 yrs

  • After breast cancer treatment developed lymphoedema causing painful swelling of her left arm
  • Reflexology creates a state of relaxation and reduces the swelling in the arm which reduces the pain and discomfort.

Female - age 39 yrs

  • Suffers with regular congestion and sinusitis
  • Reflexology improves the circulation and cleares the congestion in the upper airways and sinuses.